Hi, my name is Kathy, and welcome to my tiny creative space on the internet.  

My story began with my childhood, and was rather a simple but delightful beginning. I loved crafts, and would spend hours folding origami, making scrapbooks, and drawing doodles.  Everyday after school, I would almost run back home, just to sit down quietly to fold my origami stars and cranes. 

Being creative and finding my personal space within the creativity was so important to me as a young child. It nurtured my soul, and fuelled me whenever life brought small and big difficulties to me. 


I also loved to day dream, and my favourite (as with many other little girls), was to dream of myself as a princess. I would draw myself a prince, sometimes situated in a mythical planet, and sometimes in a hidden forest, always reaching out to rescue me from loneliness. 


As time past by, as with Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh,  I became an adult, and I slowly began to lose my creativity, immersed in the adult world with adult matters like work. I no longer felt that I could do nothing. 

"Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something" - Young Christopher Robin

But life has an interesting way of bringing us back full circle to the very beginning. 

It was at work, through a lunch club, that I learnt how to crochet. It did not matter that there were only two people who showed up for the first session (one being me), and it did not matter there were no more sessions after the first.  What mattered was that this opportunity opened up my eyes to the world of crochet, and to the world back into creativity. 

Crochet, arts, and crafts, will be my ongoing passion, and I hope that you will be inspired and join me on this journey. I hope to spread twinkles of joy to you through my projects and inspirations, and be able to share with you glimpse of joy in my my own life. 

P.S: In my adult life, I am happily married and have a wonderful and caring husband.  I shall not call him my prince because that would be just plain silly, right? :) 

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